International English for Call Centres

Author: Tomalin, B., Thomas, S.
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Levels: Other ()

This book and CD pack will help students communicate better, showing them how to make the jump to international English, how to probe cultural references and how to build empathy with the customers students are dealing with.

It will meet the needs of induction and language refreshment courses in call centres, call centre representatives who need to upgrade their communication with native English speakers and back office processors.

It is written in a lively and personal style using examples from real-life situations to illustrate the communication problems experienced by UK customers and overseas call centre staff. The authors offer advice and practice on how to improve communication along with resources to improve English language skills and knowledge of life in the UK.

International English for Call Centres

ISBN: 9780230638969
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Author: Tomalin, B.
Publication Date: Jan 2011
Levels: Other
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