Presenting in English

Author: Powell, M.
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Levels: Intermediate (B1+) - Upper Intermediate (B2)

This edition of Presenting in English teaches students how to become successful presenters at conferences or meetings. The author, himself a very effective presenter, has organised all the skills, language, and techniques needed to present in public with confidence. The 72 units of Presenting in English are organised into seven sections:

Getting Started
Exploiting Visuals
Using Your voice
Basic Techniques
Further Techniques
Key Language
Handling questions

Unique Features:
• The real language of professional speakers.
• A comprehensive range of public speaking skills.
• Techniques for handling an audience.
• A unique attention to the structure and detail of rhetorical language.

Additional Features:
• Extensive practice activities
• Designed for all students who need to use their English in front of audiences of any size.
• Includes answer key
• Designed for self-study or classroom use

Presenting in English

Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9781111832278
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Author: Powell, M.
Levels: Intermediate (B1+)
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