Barron's TOEIC (7th Edition)

Author: Lougheed, L.
Publisher: Barron's
Levels: Other ()

This edition of the TOEIC preparation manual includes an enclosed MP3 CD. The book presents:

-Four full-length practice tests identical in format and question types to the current TOEIC test.

-Topics and vocabulary frequently seen on the actual TOEIC

-All test questions answered and explained

-Extensive practice in listening and reading comprehension skills

A high score on the TOEIC is required by many businesses and institutions when considering job applicants whose first language is not English. The enclosed CD provides comprehensive instruction in English language listening comprehension. 

Barron's TOEIC (7th Edition)

Book +MP3 CD
ISBN: 9781438076362
Publisher: Barron's
Author: Lougheed, L.
Publication Date: Nov 2016
Levels: Other
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