CLIL Maths and Science Materials

Publisher: Gem Publishing
Levels: Other ()

CLIL Maths and Science Materials is designed for CLIL teachers of maths, biology, chemistry and physics at Secondary school level.  The materials have been used on numerous CLIL Teacher Development Courses with teachers from all over Europe. 

The book contains: 

·           classroom language for CLIL teachers with accompanying exercises

·           subject specific language for maths and science teachers and learners

·           classroom materials that exemplify approaches to teaching CLIL

·           revision activities for consolidating key subject vocabulary

·           suggestions on producing effective CLIL materials

·           links to useful websites for CLIL teachers

The materials in the book are communicatively designed to ensure that learners interact using English to learn about the subject.  Learners carry out task-based activities that enable them to understand the concepts while expressing themselves in the target language. 

There is a CD ROM that accompanies the book and contains:

·           over 50 PowerPoint presentations that are connected to the materials and can be used with learners

·           over 50 sound recordings of the maths and science language and pronunciation exercises 

This is an ideal book for CLIL teachers of maths and science, providing teaching approaches and language support as well as ideas and materials that are ready to use with learners.

More information can be found here.

CLIL Maths and Science Materials

ISBN: 9780955946196
Publisher: Gem Publishing
Publication Date: Dec 2014
Levels: Other
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