Past Simple

Author: Ronder, D., Thompson, P.
Publisher: Garnet Education
Levels: Upper Intermediate (B2)

A fascinating and informative introduction to British history and culture.


1. Civilizing the barbarians: The Romans in Britain
2. 1066 and all that: The Norman Conquest
3. Majesty and marriages: King Henry VIII
4. Good Queen Bess: Elizabeth I
5. Roundheads and Cavaliers: The English Civil War
6. Fire and plague: Samuel Pepys' London
7. The longest reign: The Victorians
8. A long way from Tipperary: World War I
9. Britain can take it: The Blitz
10. From the cradle to the grave: The welfare state
11. Cultural revolution: The swinging sixties
12. The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher

1. From barons to ballot box: The long road to democracy
2. The Bard of Avon: William Shakespeare
3. The Sun never set: The British Empire
4. A special relationship? Britain and the USA
5. A funny old game: Cricket
6. Seen and not heard: British childhood
7. Auld enemies: England and Scotland
7. That cloud in the west: Ireland
9. A safe haven: Immigrationto Britain
10. An enduring obsession: Social class in Britain

Past Simple Learning English through British History and Culture

Study Book
ISBN: 9781859645291
Publisher: Garnet Education
Author: Ronder, D.
Publication Date: Apr 2012
Levels: Upper Intermediate (B2)
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