Macmillan Writing Series

Author: Zemach, D.E., Broudy, D., Islam, C., Lodwood, R.B., Rumisek, L.A., Valvona, C.
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Upper Intermediate (B2)

Systematically supporting the development of students' writing from the basics of writing sentences to advanced level academic writing, the new edition of this popular series now includes a new level on writing research papers. The new edition maintains the tried and tested process approach to developing students’ writing that has proved so popular with teachers, guiding students at each level to develop their writing skills making them confident, creative and competent writers.

Macmillan Writing Series Writing Essays

Student Book
ISBN: 9780230415928
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Author: Zemach, D.E.
Publication Date: Sep 2011
Levels: Intermediate (B1+)
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