A Way with Words

Author: Redman, S., Ellis, R., Mark, G,
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1) - Upper Intermediate (B2)

This resource book of vocabulary practice activities enables teachers to teach vocabulary communicatively in the classroom. Learner-centred in its approach, the material has the dual aim of helping students acquire vocabulary and develop skills and strategies for effective learning. Redesigned from the original version, this photocopiable resource pack retains a fresh approach to vocabulary learning. The book provides a variety of stimulating activities which require learners to actively use the target vocabulary. It develops learning skills, helping learners to become more efficient in organising, storing and remembering new vocabulary. It is easy to use with clear teacher’s notes on the left hand pages and facing photocopiable worksheets on the right. The resource book is accompanied by a cassette (Lower Intermediate to Intermediate only) for further practice of the key vocabulary.

A Way with Words Resource Pack 1

Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9781107693227
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Author: Redman, S.
Publication Date: Dec 2012
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1)
£47.05 +VAT
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