Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers

Author: Penston, T.
Publisher: TP Publications
Levels: Other ()

New edition of A Grammar Course for TEFL Certificate.

• Deals clearly and concisely with problem areas commonly encountered by teachers of English, e.g. tense recognition and usage, conditionals, auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, etc.

• Includes many Teaching Notes with practical suggestions, plus a section on error analysis and correction demonstrating use of board drawings and pair-work.

• Many novel features such as uncompromisingly clear layout, sentence branching, diagrams and comprehensive tables.

• Helpful for trainees, the teacher trainer and the practising teacher. Includes inductive tasks, answer key and index.

• Well-suited as distance learning or self-access material.

• Contains over 30 extracts from popular coursebooks and resource books to illustrate how grammar is taught communicatively and to aid in materials familiarisation.

Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers

ISBN: 9780953132317
Publisher: TP Publications
Author: Penston, T.
Publication Date: 2005
Levels: Other
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