Photocopiable Pairworks for Children

Author: Graham-Marr, A., Saito, J.
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Levels: Other ()

Using basic English structures. Practice that doesn't seem like practice.

Yes, children can do pairwork!

Pairworks features:
• Practice in basic English structures:
• Is it a…? to What do you do? I'm a ….
• All visual clues.
• Additional extension activities and flashcards plus pairworks.
• Photocopier friendly!
• For teachers of children ages 6 - 11

Get your children talking now!

Photocopiable Pairworks for Children

ISBN: 9781896942018
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Author: Graham-Marr, A.
Publication Date: 1998
Levels: Other
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