Practical Readings

Author: Bruton, A., Broca, A.
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Levels: Elementary (A2) - Pre-Intermediate (B1)

Ideal for low-level college-age readers, Practical Readings has 18 units with a variety of short, realistic readings.

Practical Readings features:
• a wide range of text types:
• questionnaires, maps, tour itineraries, postcards, short descriptions
• short texts which allow class time to be spent focusing on elements within the texts:
• markers, how words point to or echo other words, how words are dropped
practice in a wide variety of reading skills:
• skimming, scanning, reading for detail, inferencing
• ample illustrations in full color

Using Practical Readings, your students will read advertisements, maps, tour itineraries and more - English of the type that they have to read outside of class.

You can help your students learn to read for gist and for specific information.

Practical Readings

ISBN: 9781896942117
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Author: Bruton, A.
Publication Date: 2002
Levels: Elementary (A2)
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