Top Grammar Plus

Author: Becker, L., Frain, C., Hill, D.A., Thomas, K.
Publisher: Helbling Languages
Levels: Elementary (A2) - Advanced (C1)

Top Grammar Plus is a series of comprehensive and easy-to-use grammar books for learners of English at all levels, from Elementary to Advanced.

Top Grammar Plus is ideal for use in class or for individual study.

Top Grammar Plus has regular exam practice pages offering students plenty of help preparing for Cambridge English: Key (KET), Preliminary (PET), First (FCE) and Trinity exams.

Top Grammar Plus has a special lexical focus for each section and regular review pages.

Top Grammar Plus has frequent review sections.

PLUS extra online grammar and dictation exercises.
PLUS a Teacher’s Book with tests.

• Easy to use
• Lots of exercises
• Regular review pages
• Thorough exam practice
• Online exercises

Top Grammar Plus Elementary

ISBN: 9783852725666
Publisher: Helbling Languages
Author: Becker, L.
Publication Date: Jan 2013
Levels: Elementary (A2)
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