Tourism Essentials

Author: Becker, L., Frain, C.
Publisher: Helbling Languages
Levels: Other ()

Tourism Essentials is a basic skills-based book offering effective language practice for students of tourism.
It covers a wide range of useful topics such as cooking, making hotel reservations and applying for jobs.
Tourism Essentials gives students the essential language and communication skills that they need to work
in the tourism sector.

• Interesting, up-to-date topics;
• Emphasis on communication and real language;
• Clear presentation of vocabulary;
• Contemporary, authentic texts;
• Regular listening practice;
• Focus on useful language;
• Glossary of relevant vocabulary;
• Integrated workbook.

PLUS Audio CD containing recordings of real-life situations.
PLUS Online Extra activities downloadable from

Tourism Essentials

ISBN: 9783852725703
Publisher: Helbling Languages
Author: Becker, L.
Publication Date: 2013
Levels: Other
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