Richmond Mazes

Author: Styring, J., Lane, A.
Publisher: Richmond
Levels: Elementary (A2) - Intermediate (B1+)

A new series of fun, interactive graded readers in which students make decisions and choose how the story develops. Each reader focuses on a realistic scenario from the world of work.

Key features:
-Fun, interactive readers in which readers make decisions and choose how the story develops
-Graded language to suit students at each level
-Glossary section with explanations of key business vocabulary
-Focus on working situations helps students see business language in context
-Rich mixture of audio and colour illustrations brings the stories to life
-“My-route” option lets students re-read the maze and explore alternative endings

Richmond Mazes Elementary Escape from Pizza Palace

ISBN: 9788466817431
Publisher: Richmond
Author: Styring, J.
Publication Date: 2014
Levels: Elementary (A2)
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