Key International

Author: Wright, J., Eilertson, C., Cornford, A.
Publisher: Cornelsen
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Pre-Intermediate (B1)

Key is a multi-level coursebook for adult learners of English. With it’s clear structure - two-page spreads for each lesson - Key offers a successful combination of motivating input and straightforward language training. The motto of the series is ‘take & teach’, and the coursebooks live up to that motto on every single page.
The Teaching Guides can be downloaded from ISBNs for reference are 9783061210502 (A1), 9783061210533 (A2) and 9783061210564 (B1).

Key International B1

Student Book (+key) +Audio CD
ISBN: 9783061210557
Publisher: Cornelsen
Author: Wright, J.
Publication Date: 2015
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1)
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