English with crosswords

Publisher: ELI Publishing
Levels: Elementary (A2) - Intermediate (B1+)

These fun crossword books help students to widen their vocabulary of everyday topics from the basic to the more complex. This series includes a DVD-ROM component, which provides interactive crosswords using the vocabulary banks from the book, and automatically corrects and scores students' performance. A simple click provides model pronunciation of each word. Used on the Interactive Whiteboard, the DVD-ROM introduces fun activities engaging everyone's attention in class. Ideal for use in schools' multimedia centres, in class with the IWB and for independent study. Each book contains 14 thematic units with 20 illustrated words and 70 crosswords. A vocabulary list is provided at the back of the book. There are also photocopiable activity resource books in two levels - Each book contains 12 themes, each presenting 20 illustrated vocabulary words, including verbs and adjectives. The new words are then reinforced in 5 crossword puzzles: 240 new words and 60 crosswords per book.

English with crosswords 1. Elementary

ISBN: 9788881485581
Publisher: ELI Publishing
Levels: Elementary (A2)
£33.95 +VAT
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