Communication Spotlight 2nd Edition

Author: Graham-Marr, A.
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Intermediate (B1+)

For communication classes: a 2-skills speaking and listening course

Helping students communicate around difficulties. Giving confidence and control.

The goal of the Communication Spotlight books is simple—to help students immediately improve their ability to communicate in situations where they have an incomplete understanding of what is being said.
The focus of the speaking activities is to help students notice and practice different strategies they can use to cope in such situations. In addition to pointing out such strategies, the each book gives lots and lots of pair and group work to practice each strategy being looked at and to help with overall fluency.
The focus of the listening activities is to help students notice how English changes in connected speech and to help students hear language they already know but now cannot recognize.
In other words, aspects of speaking and of listening that can be immediately applied.

Communication Spotlight 2nd Edition Beginner

Student Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9781896942643
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Author: Graham-Marr, A.
Levels: Beginner (A1)
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