Top Up Listening 2nd Edition

Author: Cleary, C., Cooney, T., Holden, B.
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Pre-Intermediate (B1)

The Top Up series is a three-part listening skills series for elementary through pre-intermediate young adult and adult learners of American English.


A wide variety of listening gives students practice in prediction, inferencing, using knowledge of context, listening for gist, listening for overall understanding and listening for specific information. A special feature of Top Up is its focus on helping students understand the actual sound structure of English.


Finally speaking tasks both help students think about and get ready for what they will hear and give them the opportunity to use language from the listening in an active way.

Top Up Listening 2nd Edition Level 3

Student Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9781896942773
Publisher: ABAX Publishing
Author: Cleary, C.
Publication Date: Mar 2019
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1)
Not Yet Published
Mar 2019
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