Composition Practice 3rd Edition

Author: Blanton, L.
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Levels: Elementary (A2) - Upper Intermediate (B2)

This classic, step-by-step approach emphasizes the fundamentals of great composition writing. Students develop writing skills to prepare them to make the transition from use of simple prose to more linguistically sophisticated and complex discourse. Features Books 1 & 2 focus on developing strong skills for descriptive and narrative writing on familiar, everyday topics. Books 3 & 4 develop expository and argumentation writing skills, and build students'' analytic abilities as they write for a broader, more academic audience. Pre-reading activities and post-reading caption writing exercises support the readings and introduce the grammatical and rhetorical focus in Books 1 & 2. Richly detailed sequential illustrations, maps, photos, and graphs help students with comprehension of vocabulary and idioms in both readings and model compositions. Many exercises on comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, semantic organization, and writing techniques prepare students to write successful compositions. New on-line activities encourage students to use the Internet as a resource for their writing.

Composition Practice 3rd Edition 4

Student Book
ISBN: 9780838420003
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Author: Blanton, L.
Publication Date: Jun 2001
Levels: Upper Intermediate (B2)
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