Steps to Academic Reading

Author: Zukowski-Faust, J.
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Upper Intermediate (B2)

Immerse your students in refreshing and lively topics while increasing their vocabulary base and preparing them for academic assignments. This series for beginning to high-intermediate learners offers robust comprehension activities that encourage students to access and interact with text and to develop reading and critical thinking skills. 


• Fifteen theme-based units, or 'Steps' present vocabulary, reading skills, and strategies. 


• Three extended thematic units, or 'Plateaus,' recycle the vocabulary. 


• New exercises focus on identifying main ideas, making inferences, skimming and scanning, and increasing reading speed.

Steps to Academic Reading 2 Out of the Ordinary

ISBN: 9780155060333
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Author: Zukowski-Faust, J.
Publication Date: Nov 2001
Levels: Elementary (A2)
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