ETpedia Materials Writing

Author: Hughes, J., Clandfield, L.
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Levels: Other ()

ETpedia Materials Writing provides both new and more experienced teachers with tips and pointers on materials writing for teachers of English. Each unit of 10 tips will inspire you whether you’re writing your own materials for the first time or if you’re an experienced materials writer looking to further develop your skills. From basic principles to extensive materials writing, from tests to board games ETpedia Materials Writing covers everything you need to know about materials writing for English language teaching.


Here are 10 reasons to use it as part of your classroom practice:

1. Draw on expert experience

2. Find everything in one place

3. Dip into it or read it from cover to cover

4. Develop your ability to evaluate materials 

5. Supplement your coursebook 

6. Write different types of material

7. Tackle materials writer’s block

8. Develop new aspects of materials writing

9. Use the photocopiable resources

10. Write your own ideas and adaptations

ETpedia Materials Writing

ISBN: 9781911028628
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing
Author: Hughes, J.
Publication Date: Feb 2017
Levels: Other
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