BEC Testbuilder

Publisher: Macmillan Education
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1) - Advanced (C1)

The BEC Testbuilders for Preliminary and Vantage levels are designed to improve exam performance and increase language competence for success in the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) exam. Key features: Four complete practice tests for each level •Thorough preparation for the BEC exam •Full range of typical BEC-type tasks •Accompanying Audio CD contains all four Listening Tests. Further Practice and Guidance pages •Test-specific exercises to develop exam techniques •Pointers to common problem areas in the tests •Tasks to build confidence in all exam question types. Answer Key •Fully comprehensive key with useful explanations •Model answers to the writing questions •Listening Tests scripts.

BEC Testbuilder Preliminary

Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9781405018333
Publisher: Macmillan Education
Publication Date: Jan 2004
Levels: Pre-Intermediate (B1)
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