Phonology of English

Author: Parker, R., Graham, T.
Publisher: ELB
Levels: Other ()

An essential book for native and non-native speakers of English who are training to be ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers. It covers all the important aspects of the pronunciation of English and takes a practical "top down" approach - starting with the broadest issues, moving on to intonation and stress and then examining phonemes and the articulatory mechanisms. This very practical and accessible book provides teachers with a sound grasp of phonology and develops practical ideas for integrating phonology activities into every teaching. A 'must' for all teacher training reading lists. The book includes an audio CD of recorded examples.

Phonology of English An Introduction for Teachers of ESOL

Book +Audio CD
ISBN: 9780952280828
Publisher: ELB
Author: Parker, R.
Levels: Other
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