You and Me

Author: Lawday, C., Gika, S.
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Levels: Starter (A0) - Elementary (A2)

A wide variety of stimulating activities within a clear, structured syllabus. Optional Starter Book is useful for very young learners, or for pupils not familiar with the Roman alphabet.

Key Features:
-The course is built on a clear structural syllabus, providing young children with a solid foundation in all four language skills and the confidence to communicate effectively.
-Vocabulary and structures are presented at a pace young children can follow and are continuously recycled and revised, ensuring steady progress.
-Language is presented and practised through varied and enjoyable activities, including songs, games, and a delightful storyline featuring the adventures of a group of children, clowns, and a monkey.
-A 'You and Me' section in every unit allows children to personalize their learning by talking about themselves and doing very simple project work.

You and Me Starter

ISBN: 9780194360760
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Author: Lawday, C.
Levels: Starter (A0)
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