Practical Grammar

Author: Riley, D., Hughes, J., Jones, C.
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Levels: Beginner (A1) - Intermediate (B1+)

Practical Grammar is a British English grammar course for self study or use in the classroom. The series takes students through key aspects of English grammar from Elementary to Upper Intermediate levels. Organisation of Practical Grammar: Each level of Practical Grammar has 100 units, divided into modules of five units. Each module examines a particular area of grammar. The grammar is set in short, everyday conversations or texts, showing the language in natural situations which students will find engaging and can relate to. Students then examine the form, meaning and use of the language before practising it in a variety of activity types. A Review section concludes each module and regular tests check students' progress. Each level comes with two audio CDs and a pin code which allows access to MyPG or extensive additional online practice for use at home or in self-access centres.

Practical Grammar Level 1

Book (+key) +CD +online practice
ISBN: 9781424018086
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
Author: Riley, D.
Levels: Beginner (A1)
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